Brant Butler
Supervisor of ITNHGE (Institute Technological National Hydrocarbons Guinea Equatorial) and NCAT (Nationalization, Competency, Assurance and Training) at Wood Group Equatorial Guinea, Africa
OHST (Occupational Health & Safety Technologist)
CES (Certified Environmental Specialist)
Member of The Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP)
SEMS Auditor (Lead Auditor trained by accredited COS approved trainer)


My boy's grin
My boys grin

My first taste of wine - that wasn't in a box.

My oldest

Environmental Remediation Job in South Texas

Dad's current project

Durango, CO - one of our most favorite spots on earth

The Twins

San Francisco - Sales Trip and Environmental Training - I took an extra few days and took my wife.  SF is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

One of my favorite shows on TV - "Mythbusters".......I had to take a pic of thier place.

More Twins

Turtle Hill Golf Course in Muenster, TX.....One of the best unknown courses in North Texas.  Huge elevation changes for this part of the country.  This is from thier signature par 3, I'd say about a 200 ft drop to the green.

Mother's Day -

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