Brant Butler
Supervisor of ITNHGE (Institute Technological National Hydrocarbons Guinea Equatorial) and NCAT (Nationalization, Competency, Assurance and Training) at Wood Group Equatorial Guinea, Africa
OHST (Occupational Health & Safety Technologist)
CES (Certified Environmental Specialist)
Member of The Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP)
SEMS Auditor (Lead Auditor trained by accredited COS approved trainer)

Published Chronicles

     The majority of these articles have been printed in the Whitesboro News-Record in Whitesboro, TX.  However, the Oprah & Dr. Phil article appeared in several newspapers accross the U.S. and the Sunday edition of The Plain Dealer in Cleveland, OH. 
     As you can see, the series is titled "Chronicles of a Married Man".  I believe in the early days we played around with the title, but I think this is the one I like best.  

     Several of you have asked how my book is going, the answer: SLOW.  When it get's going good again I'll let you know.

     Others of you have wondered if I have thought of putting all my "Chronicles" together in a book.  The answer, yes, but not until I get more published.  No sense in putting out a book if only 200 people are going to buy it.

Here are a few of the articles I have had published so far.  I'll be adding more later.  Thanks.

All articles are copyrighted and can't be used with out the express written consent of Brant Butler.   For more into send an email to
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