Brant Butler
Supervisor of ITNHGE (Institute Technological National Hydrocarbons Guinea Equatorial) and NCAT (Nationalization, Competency, Assurance and Training) at Wood Group Equatorial Guinea, Africa
OHST (Occupational Health & Safety Technologist)
CES (Certified Environmental Specialist)
Member of The Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP)
SEMS Auditor (Lead Auditor trained by accredited COS approved trainer)

Unpublished Chronicles

The following document is titled "Dispatching 101".  When I had my own business and I needed help, usually the person I would use had zero experience dispatching trucks or knew very little if anything at all about the industry.  I created this to answer most basic dispatching and customer service questions.  Once I hired my own dispatchers, I gave them a revised edition tailored to what they would be doing.  This is the phase 1 document.  Very basic.  This was also created 5 years ago and things have changed just a bit, but most everything still applies to someone that has no idea about dispatching. or
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