Brant Butler MBA - Org. Leadership BS. Environmental Mgmt. OHST

Safety, Health & Environmental Director / Behavior Based Safety Expert / MBTI Certified Practitioner 

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Where the Real Education Took Place

Offshore Gulf of Mexico

I've worked in multiple countries doing multiple HSEQ jobs related to the oil and gas business.  I've got a few degrees and multiple certifications, but I learned the most from rotational work in the Gulf of Mexico.

I have a degree in Environemtnal Management and a MBA in Organizatinal Leadership.  I also have my OHST (Occupational Health & Safety Technologist) certification.

I got started in the Barnett Shale about 20 years ago, eventually advanced to working offshore, then became an HSEQ consultant and manager for a global firm prior to running a training center in West Africa.

I now work for an upstream oil and gas company in Houston, where I handle HSE.  I created their safety management system and wrote their safety work practices.  Which I have a lot of experience in.

I have developed training programs centered on natural gas safety that is being delivered in 3 different technical colleges in the Middle East.

If you need a hand let me know.

Training & Competency Programs / Safety Mgmt System Development

Some Students from the ITNHGE training program in Equatorial Guinea, Africa

Equatorial Guinea, Africa - ITNHGE 3rd year students. Here I ran a 3 year technical training program funded primarily by Hess. I also oversaw the training and competency program for our offshore workers, which included people from 38 different countries.

Inspections, Technical Writing, Audits

old oil pump jack

It's often hard to write policies and procedures that are aligned with OSHA, SEMS, API, ANSI, ISO and be easy to read by your employees, but that is my specialty. Sometimes the biggest challenge is aligning with your parent company. 

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