Brant Butler
Supervisor of ITNHGE (Institute Technological National Hydrocarbons Guinea Equatorial) and NCAT (Nationalization, Competency, Assurance and Training) at Wood Group Equatorial Guinea, Africa
OHST (Occupational Health & Safety Technologist)
CES (Certified Environmental Specialist)
Member of The Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP)
SEMS Auditor (Lead Auditor trained by accredited COS approved trainer)

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                                        The Family                                     Governor of North Dakota: Jack Dalrymple
                                                                                                        I had a meeting with him over the 
                                                                                                frac water issues related to the Bakken Shale
     Hi, my name is Brant and I'm a multinational manger in Equatorial Guinea, Africa.  To keep it simple, for one of my jobs, I am basically the principle of a school that trains nationals how to work in the oil and gas environment.  It's a 3 year program, we have roughly 1500 applicants and take the top 50.  The first year the students go through an intensive English program, then in Year 3, advanced English, math, and science.  For Year 3, advanced English and then they move into the technical disciplines, Instrumentation & Electrical, Production and Mechanical.  We have 20 teachers form all over the world and 144 students.  Once the students graduate, they are then selected to work for various companies, such as Hess, Marathon, Gepetrol, Wood Group or the local government in EG that deals with the energy industry. 

    The other part of my job is running the NCAT program.  The students that have graduated and hired by Wood Group or Hess (and other employees that they hire), enter into the NCAT program.  The NCAT program is designed to be completed in roughly 4 years.  The first year is OJT (On-the-Job-Training), then once they complete that they enter into their respected discipline.  They then are sent through the Competency, Assurance and Training aspect.  Some can complete their program in less than 3 years, others might take a bit longer.

    The mentors, leads, managers, supervisors, etc... are from all over the world.  The difficult part is managing all these different cultures.  When dealing with mentors from the Eastern European nations that tend to be very blunt and direct (Low Context Language), having them mentor students from a High-Context language where often something said has multiple meanings and how it is said could mean as much or more, can bring about issues.  Cultural norms come into play on a daily basis and managing those properly can be pivotal to the success here in Africa.

    Before coming to Africa, I was the HSEQ Manager for Wood Group ODL, which is a consulting division of Wood Group.  I helped develop training, write manuals, deliver training, do SEMS audits, perform gap analysis and such.  Prior to that I worked in just about every different type of HSE role you could imagine.  I worked offshore, on land, started an environmental company and had my own transportation company.  
    This website will be a work in progress so bear with me.  You'll see a section of published stories and unpublished ones.  Short story humor articles mostly, if you have time read some, possibly you'll enjoy them.  A few of the stories have appeared in various news papers across the country, the largest of which was the Cleveland Plain Dealer (Sunday Edition). 

    You'll see pics of the family.  So far, there's me, my wife, my 9yr old, 6 yr old twins and as if we're not busy enough, a 5 year old little girl.

    I grew up in Collinsville, TX.  A small town about 35 minutes north of Denton, TX.  I then went to college at Lubbock Christian University, where I "studied" Ag-Business and Psychology.  I recently received my B.S. in Environmental Management with a Safety concentration at Columbia Southern University and currently pursuing my MBA in Organizational Development (which has been a tremendous help with multinational management).   

 If you need any help or just want to say hi, shoot me an email: or go to the "contact us" page.
                                 One of my platforms that I regularly visited in the Gulf of Mexico for Energy XXI.
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